Silver Dapple Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry by Claire

Handmade jewelry by a local arizona named Claire Matney. I do not fix watch repairs nor do I resize rings.



My jewelry making passion all started when my cousin asked me to take a jewelry making class with her at a local bead store. I was hooked from the very beginning.  

On a personal side, I have been married for 10 years and have one son. My fun time revolves around my family. I love being in the outdoors; camping, hiking, paddle boarding, boating or anything were we can enjoy the great AZ weather as a family is very fulfilling.  My 3 dogs are also very much part of my family. I have a variety, from the smallest being a Dachshund, a Border Collie mutt and an English Bulldog. Along with our dogs, we have a cat and a tortoise. 

I have enjoyed an entrepreneurial spirit which evolved from a hobby of making jewelry. It's something I enjoy very much, and I sell my jewelry online and at art festivals locally on occasion. I am always wanting to learn new techniques to keep my passion for making jewelry relevant and exciting. 

I decided on the business name of "Silver Dapple Jewelry" as my 7 lb Dachshund loves to sit on my lap while I make jewelry. A picture of my name inspiration below. Meet Tinker.